Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wonder Girls will be visiting Korea Day Exhibiton 2012 Malaysia

Event Details
Date: 14th Oct 2012
Time: 04.00pm
Venue: Sunway Pyramid Convention Center

Wonderfuls! Hold your breath. Wonder Girls will be visiting Korea Day Exhibiton 2012 at Sunway Pyramid Convention Center this Sunday (14th Oct.) at 4 p.m. Just a day after their Asia Tour concert they will visiting/performing at Korea Day Exhibiton 2012. so u guys can see them twice woohoo!

[updated] Flight Details: Arrive on 12.10.12 4:35pm flight MH067.

Related news, Wonder Girls will held Wonder World Tour in Malaysia 2012 on 13th Oct 2012. See the article here

-Who wants to know which hotel they staying? PM me on twitter @midot_b2uty

cr : Korea Day 2012 + MYWonderFuls + MiszGmah @ twitter

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cнoĸoreттo said...

hi.Well,may I ask where do you get this news?Is it confirm yet?

Shafeena Asmidar said...

yes it's confirmed ad. i got this news from MYWonderFuls fanbase and fr MyKpopHuntress @ twitter


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