Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Block B will be performing for Malaysia International Exhibition And Convention Centre event

Event: Malaysia International Exhibition And Convention Centre 
Date: 3th November 2012 

BBCs u guys quite lucky. Block B will be staying here for almost a week. Block B will have 2 concerts here in Malaysia one on 3rd of November for this concert and another one on 6th of November - here

But it's not suitable for Muslims tho coz you must buy a minimum of 1 bottle of liquor in order to get an invitation to watch Block B and the other artist.

List of Artists:

UK : R&B : Alexandra Burke
Australia : Dance : Havana Brown

Korea : K-Pop : Block B!

USA : Electronic House : Starkillers!

cr: thai-bbcnewvymo @ tumblr

PS - List of other KPOP idols coming to Malaysia here

Please take out with FULL CREDIT. Thanks 

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