Wednesday, March 21, 2012

[Photoshoot] B.A.P for Elle Girl 120320

B.A.P (Korean: 비에이피; acronym for Best Absolute Perfect) is a six-member hip hop South Korean Kpop boy band formed by Ts Entertainment in 2012. The group consists of Bang Yong Guk, Kim Him Chan, Jung Dae Hyun, Yoo, Young Jae, Moon Jong Up and Choi Joon Hong (Zelo). 

Recently, BAP had a photoshoot for Elle Girl. They are all look gorgeous (esp my daehyun lol - bias^^) . They look different from their debut concept which is i like.

cr:Wiki + Allkpop

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Twin Towers @ Live 2012 - Girls Generation,Nicole,Orianthi & Kelis

OMG Sones, Girls Generation is scheduled to perform in Malaysia for the PETRONAS Twin Towers KLCC this friday.

How awesome is that. Twins Towers @ Live 2012 will be taking place on March 23rd at the PETRONAS Twin Towers KLCC with international acts Orianthi, Nicole Scherzinger, Kelis.

It's a free event. We have our local acts too. They are James Baum, Reshmonu, Faizal tahir etc. By the way,this will be first concert for Girls Generationhere in Malaysia. I'm so excited!

FYI, Wonder Girls was one of the performers last year alongside Hoobastank,Mizz Nina. I went there hehe..They are so cute! 

My fancam :

Sunday, March 18, 2012

[Photo] BEAST for Shin Ramen??? OMO!

OMO, Beast for Shin Ramen! wowowow..delicious , in malay word sedapnyer!.....wah lepas beli cornfirm simpan bekas tuh hahaaha...but for Muslims,I'm afraid that the ramen not halal. but anyway congrats to Beast.  Look below, one word Yummy! kekeke

cr :  @therancho0903

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yoseob tweeted about Malaysia heuheu ^_^

I'm actually dissapointed that CUBE didn't list Malaysia for World Tour - Beautiful Show. I miss them tho. But Yoseob made me happy and smile yesterday. He tweeted about Malaysia. yay! They landed in Malaysia ytd from Vietnam. They transit from here to Indonesia for Beautiful Show. At least he made us Malaysian beauties happy rite. He mentioned about us keke. Tq Yoseob ah..

And their Manager Hoon also tweeted. they ate Burger King at KLIA while waiting for departure.

^^Yoseob Tweet
^^Se Hoon (Manager) Tweet

cr: Yoseob twitter + Hoon (manager) twitter + pic - 평화의양짹짹 @ b-dong

Thursday, March 15, 2012

[updated] Teen Top will perform for Hari Belia 2012 in Malaysia

Malaysian Angels be ready! Official HARI Belia 2012 announced that Teen Top is one of the performers that will perform on 23rd - 27th May (unconfirmed date - maybe they perform on the 26th)

and this is a free event. Definitely lots of kpop fans will be coming from morning and of course long queue kan. Im not sure if im going or not but hopefully i can make it . Fyi, Suju M came last year hehe..but i couldnt make it.

They have yet to release other international performers , and hopefully they will bring along another kpop artists hehe

kindly follow official twitter: @HariBelia2012
facebook: Hari Belia Negara 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

B1A4 releases new MV Baby I'm Sorry

Bana's the wait is over!. B1A4 just released Baby I'm Sorry MV this afternoon. yay!!!!
“Baby I’m Sorry” was written and produced by B1A4′s member Jinyoung. It’s an attractive song with a twist and an addictive melody.

Check out their MV below

B2ST's Yoseob collab with APINK's Eunji for A CUBE new project

B2ST's Yoseob worked together with APINK's Eunji for A CUBE's new project 'A Cube For Season'.When  i heard about this collab i was so excited. It's Yoseob and Eunji we talking about. The title track is Love Day.

 Check out their MV.

Aren't they cute together hehe..I ship them lol

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

B1A4 new 1st full length album Ignition releases teaser pictures

Bana's are you ready??!!! I'm ready hehe..They scheduled to release the 1st full lengh album on the 14th of March. Previously, they pre-released single titled This Time Is Over“.“This Time Is Over” is a bitter pop track about love with beautiful string chords in the instrumental.

B1A4 (Korean name: 비원에이포, Be the One All For one) is a South Korean quintet boy band. Formed by WM Entertainment in 2011, they made their debut with their release Let's Fly. The band consists of Jinyoung, Baro, Sandeul, CNU and Gongchan. The group was first introduced through an online comic series, or "webtoon". The group has released 2 mini albums (EPs) and various singles.

OMG im speechless ^^ my bias
 wow never thought that Gongchan looks good in blonde
 Jinyoung was my bias before hehe..n now he dyed his hair red color.OMG..i love whenever idols dyed their hair red.
 CNU please cut your hair..huhu
He looks cute and hot at the same time

Check out the video teaser here:

I'm looking forward to their comeback. Are u guys too?

cr : Wiki + WM Entertainment official site

Monday, March 12, 2012

120312 - Pictorial of BEAST for BEATOY

Beatoy just realeased new photos S/S line by BEAST. wow i like the pictorial..they look so cute and hot at the same time. The new spring/summer pictorial shows the boys dressed in comfortable and bright clothes that compliments their looks.

JunSeung look so hawt. i would love to go camping with them and share the tent lol

 awww Yoseob cute as usual ..he wink at me...

 Poor Doo leader holding Seobie alone lol. Dongwoon is hot as usual

 Dongwoon...Go away!!! hahaha - probably that's what Doojoon yelled at Dongwoon

I'm the hottest guy here - Kikwang

Love them so much..I miss BEAST . please hurry and comeback please.And before comeback get some rest first ok!

cr : Naver + Allkpop

The 1st B2ST Fan Meeting Asia Tour in Malaysia

When will Beast come here again.. They are now on World Tour for Beautiful Show. WHY Malaysia was not in the list. i'm so dissapointed :(
but nvm hoping that BEAST will come here again soon.

Well i went to their Asian Fanmeeting on June 2011..i forgot to update here hehe..

Here are the pictures and fancam that been taken by me :) Enjoy:

You guys can see the rest of the pic here


BEAST - On Rainy Days

Encore Songs

Sunday, March 11, 2012

KPOP Idols to come down to Malaysia this year 2012 (May 2012)



 To Kpop fans in Malaysia, byk gak dgr rumors yg idols nak dtg sini,cume xtau la tol ke x depa nak dtg.
Well i've been told that Teen Top, Jay Park, Boyfriend, SHINee, BAP will come here soon.

Teen Top - maybe on May 2012
Jay Park  -May 2012
Boyfriend -end of May 2012
SHINee - for ETUDE House promotions (dk when n dk if its true)
BAP - unfortunately,M.E wont bring them this march but maybe soon.

Most of them will come here on May. i know right why most of them come here on May? idk but perhaps because at that time Malaysia having a school holiday.

Well Malaysian Angels, Jaywalkers, Girlfriends/Bestfriends , Shawols and Babies put your hands up together!!!!

Updated: List of KPOP idols coming to Malaysia fr October - Disember 2012 HERE
Hello everyone...
skunk nie musim org nak exam huhu..
saye bekerja sambil belajar PJJ di UTM SPACE Jalan Semarak ni..
makin dekat nak exam makin tension jadinyer huhu..

Doakan yg terbaik untuk saye..Amin.

Monday, March 5, 2012

UKISS Fan Meeting + Showcase 2011 [Brand Newkiss] with fancam

rase sgt boring hari ni so saya rase nak post kan berkenaan showcase UKISS yang dtg sini tahun lepas hehe..dtg tahun lepas dah 9 months da depa dtg hehe..

Pada June 2011, UKISS datang Malaysia buat showcase album baru 0330. Venue die adalah di Pavilion,KL.Yang bestnyer showcase ni diadakan secara public meaning yang x beli tiket pon leh tengok diorang dr jarak dekat. Bertuahnyer saye, my fren masok contest dalam Rentak Sejuta, so die menang tiket worth RM250 . so my friend n i dapat duduk dan agak dekat jugalah nampak diorang keke.. UKISS sgt2 lah hensem sume jambu2 bias is Lee Kiseop. uisss hensem sgt la dier..mmg jambu sejambu2 nyer kahkah..

tgk gmbr die diatas jambu kan mase sesi fans naik stage amek sign cd. Saya xamek la coz naik pentas amek cd memerlukan saya mengeluarkan duit dalam RM600 giler x giler.cukupla tgk dr jarak ni pon da dekat.

Antara gambar2 yang saye snap malam tuh:-)

byk sgt saya snap mlm tuh. Selebihnyer leh la tgk kat facebook saya nyer .



UKISS-Bingeul Bingeul

  my youtube channel : here

 byk gak retis2 KPOP yang dtg Mesia ni saya pegi..nnt saya update g keyh..bile free lol.


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