Saturday, October 6, 2012

B.A.P in new reality series ‘B.A.P’s Sweet Healing Camp’?

Mnet has recently revealed a preview of a show featuring B.A.P with the caption, ‘B.A.P’s Sweet Healing Camp?? Reveal on [Mnet] WIDE on October 10th at 5PM!’, piquing the curiosity of fans.

The clip shows the boys of B.A.P going on a trip together and introduces the show with words that read, “Rising next generation idols, B.A.P, leave on their first vacation after debut?!… A dream-like sweet healing camp…? However! What is this! Ha… It’s coming October 10th Wednesday 5PM on Mnet Wide!”

Judging by the preview and the title, it seems like the group may just be getting their own new reality show titled ‘B.A.P’s Sweet Healing Camp‘! This may be the new idol reality series being aired by Mnet after the conclusion of ‘INFINITE’s Ranking King‘. However, an official announcement has not been made yet, so it remains to be seen if the speculations are true.

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