Tuesday, October 9, 2012

[Sports World] G.NA ‘Oui’ International Promotions, Starts with Thailand

Soloist G.NA has started the very first promotions for her very own international album ‘Oui’ in Thailand.
Three days after the 3rd of October, G.NA has performed on different stages as well as appearing on programs and meeting fans on her fansign.

On the 4th, she met lucky fans of 250 at her very first Bangkok fansign in Central World. Fans who were lining up to meet her were from a variety of age range, and was happy for finally meeting their idol.
Meanwhile, G.NA appeared on Channel V ‘Asian Hero’, and had progressed with the interview in English. On that day, many fans came to the set to gave support too.

On the day of release of ‘Oui’, G.NA has climbed up the local music chart at #3, and her visit was always filled with crowds. After seeing that G.NA’s impressive performances as well as her passion to her fans, she has received many invitations to be special guests on various music and television programs.

A total of 6 song& in English version. Some of which includes her hit songs ‘I’ll back off so you live better”, “Black and White”, “2Hot” and many more.

A representative spoke, “The response for this full English album is really overwhelming. This is an opportunity for her to be known once again in the Asian region, and her recent popularity has proven this. This album will surely receive loves from Thailand”

G.na when will you come to Malaysia again? I will patiently waiting for you ehehehe!!!

CN-EN: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: Sports World

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