Thursday, October 11, 2012

B2ST endorse sports brand HEAD

The sports brand HEAD released a CF of the boy band B2ST donning ‘HERO JACKETS‘ for the 2012 Fall / Winter season.

The jackets are nicknamed as the ‘B2ST Windbreakers’ by fans, and HEAD has sold more than 10,000 jackets after only a month and a half since its release. The HEAD CF features the B2ST members in a cartoon-like setting, showing off their characteristic charisma.

Kikwang was the main focus of the CF, and he showed off the various hero jackets and cool jump moves. HEAD said, “The new generation tends to be very passionate about the people that became heroes from their own passion. The boys of B2ST serve as the heroes of teenagers, and they are very talented with a friendly persona. Their image fits perfectly with the product concept of the HERO jacket.

Check out the photos and CF below!


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