Friday, May 3, 2013

Kim Jong Kook Fanmeeting in Malaysia

Event :Kim Jong Kook Malaysia Showcase 2013
Date : 14 June 2013
Time : 8.00PM
Venue : HGH Convention Centre

Event : Kim Jong Kook Malaysia Meet The Fans 2013
Date : 15 June 2013
Time: 2.00PM 
Venue : Paradigm Mall

Kim Jong Kook Showcase Malaysia 2013 is jointly organized by New Pro Star, PMP Entertainment and Running into The Sun.

Peminat RunningMan, Kim Jong Kook nak datang Malaysia untuk fanmeeting. 

Seating Plan:

Ticket Prices:

You can buy tickets @

credit: HallyuM


Pendek :) said...

Sure ke dia ada fanmeeting at paradigm mall?

Shafeena Asmidar said...

yes sure..fanmeeting kat Paradigm Mall..showcase at HGH Convenction Centre

Namy Panda said...

Mmg 15 jun hari sabtu kan? Kat paradigm mall pukul 2.00. Thank you so much!!! Excited gila!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

fanmeeting tu percuma ke kena bayar

Anis Yuhanna said...

fanmeeting tu kena bayar ke??


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