Thursday, March 14, 2013

travel to south korea

i will be visiting seoul, south korea soon.

i'm imagining myself to be lost in seoul or perhaps lost in my soul?

my heart strings kept strumming as time goes by & as the time is about to come when i'll be visiting my beloved place.

i've spent my precious time supporting all the rookies group that comes to malaysia.

i know, i really know there's this one group that never visits to my country after they have perform in front of a large crowd... well, who are we if compared to japan.

i remembered listening to my friend's story about the wonders of japan.

but it's okay...

this time... i'll reward myself & travel to south korea.

wait for me.

take care.

with lots of love, gina from monamourmylove on behalf of midot yeppuda who yearns for more love.

kehehehe~ :}

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